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Payment methods

Payment in cash

In the lanes of the toll station indicated VIAS MANUALES, which are attended by a collector, you will can pay the amount of the toll in cash or with the majority of the principal magnetic cards.

Magnetic cards

Payment by card is more comfortable and fast, since it reduces the time of delay in the toll station. In order to pay the amount of the toll with a card, you can choose the exclusive lanes for credit cards named VIAS AUTOMATICAS and marked with the cryptogram heading, or the lanes denominated MANUALES. All the routes inform, before arriving at the toll station, of the cards accepted for the payment of the toll. These are:

Telepeaje or Peaje Dinámico

The Telepeaje or Peaje Dinamico is the most modern system of payment in the toll highways. This system allows to pay the toll without stopping in the toll station in the exclusive lanes marked VIAS DE TELEPEAJE and marked with the cryptogram heading.

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