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Junctions map
salida1 :: Santiago de Compostela
  • AP-9 A Coruña, Vigo
  • N-525 Boqueixón, Vedra
  • AC-841 Teo, A Estrada
salida2 :: Junction AG-59
  • AG-59 Cacheiras, Pontevedra
  • N-525 Santiago, Ourense
  • PO-341 A Estrada
  • AC-537 Os Tilos
salida15 :: Junction Ribadulla
  • AC-241 Ponte Ulla, Pontevea
  • CP-8902 A Estrada
salida24 :: Junction Bandeira
  • N-525 Bandeira, Chapa
  • N-640 A Estrada, Caldas de Reis
salida33 :: Junction Silleda
  • N-525 Silleda
  • PO-205 Vila de Cruces
  • PO-2205 Forcarei
salida41 :: Junction Lalín West
  • N-525 Lalín, Pol. Ind. Lalín 2000
  • N-640 Lugo
salida46 :: Junction Lalín Center
  • N-525 Lalín, Pol. Ind. Lalín 2000
  • PO-534 Forcarei
  • PO-633 Chantada
  • PO-902 O Irixo
salida50 :: Junction Lalin East
  • N-525 Lalín
salida56 :: Alto de Santo Domingo
  • N-525 Dozón
  • AG-53 Ourense
Gasolinera GALP
  • Gasolinera :: Km 27
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